What is a Legal Coach Used for in Divorce?

A legal coach is a fairly new concept in family law. Working with a legal coach allows people going through a divorce to better understand the process and gain the skills needed to essentially represent themselves during their divorce. Keep in mind that legal coaches are lawyers. However, a notable difference exists between legal coaching and full representation from a lawyer. When you obtain full representation, the lawyer you've hired handles every facet of your case and acts on your behalf in legal settings. In comparison, a legal coach acts as your adviser or guide.

What types of assistance and guidance does a legal coach offer?

A legal coach can provide you with a wealth of advice about the legal process, including how to identify your divorce goals, how to fix legal documents that have been flagged for errors, and how to avoid conflict and litigation. Legal coaches are well-versed in the legal process as well as their clients’ rights and responsibilities. They can explain how to take advantage of and navigate the mediation process and prepare you if you must speak in court.

Some important questions a legal coach can answer for you:

  • Where do I start?
  • What documents must I file?
  • What is the strength of my case?
  • Should I file a direct response?
  • What should my next steps be?
  • How do I obtain a court date?
  • How do I handle myself in court?
  • Benefits of working with a legal coach

Benefits of a legal coach

Working with a legal coach during your divorce can benefit you in a number of ways. The assistance is confidential, and you can reap the rewards of your helper’s professional experience and no-nonsense advice. In addition, a legal coach can help you:

  • Prepare and file documents.
  • Avoid making expensive mistakes
  • Get answers to your legal questions
  • Explore legal options
  • Help you develop a legal strategy

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