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Divorce Support in California?
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Welcome to our most comprehensive guide to navigating the divorce process. Gain a clear understanding of your divorce options, enabling you to move forward confidently toward your future goals.
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Tools and Calculators

Our divorce experts have been helping individuals and couples for over 20 years. We know what works and we can help you!
Child Support Calculator
Child support is a formula based on income, deductions, tax bracket, and expenses. Use our child support calculator to estimate how much the non-custodial parent will owe.
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Divorce Cost Calculator
Divorce costs can range from a filing fee all the way up to millions of dollars depending on a few different factors. We can help you find the most affordable divorce possible.
Home Equity Split Calculator
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We can answer your home questions with our Home Equity Buyout Calculator, and can provide multiple options to split your equity.

Everything You Need To Know About Divorce in California

Which way to end your marriage is best for you?

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Online Divorce

Fill out paperwork. Share financial disclosures. Work on your agreement. As experts in divorce, Hello Divorce offers many plans and services to help!

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Legal Separation

There are a few special cases where you can get a legal separation. Legal separation can act as a trial separation or can be used as a binding way to end your marriage.

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Annulment is challenging but can be a great option if you qualify. There are four qualifying scenarios that require complex evidence, which may necessitate legal assistance.

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California Finances, Property and Support Laws

Child Custody
It is common now for parents to split child custody amicably. We’ll help you navigate this decision.
Community Property
Community property refers to property that is shared by the two spouses.
Spousal Support
Spousal support takes into account both spouse’s earnings, earning potential and more.
How to File for Child Support
We can help you learn how to file for child support or amend a child support order.
Separate Property
Separate property refers to assets or properties that are not shared between the two spouses.
Legal Separation
Marriage is a legal contract, legal separation is a pause in that contract. We can help you understand more.

Marriage and Divorce Laws in California

Not quite sure where to start? Our helpful links will connect you with the information you need.

A Plan for All Divorce Strategies

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Take the Quiz

Our quiz connects you to customized resources. Get recommendations you need in order to make decisions with confidence.

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Divorce 101

The free Divorce 101 pdf is your comprehensive guide to all things divorce. Get yours for free!

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Agreement Checklist

The Settlement Agreement Checklist will walk you through everything you need to build a robust Settlement Agreement.

Explore Our Past Webinars

Divorce is a process that doesn’t take time off. That’s why our webinars are frequently updated to keep you informed. (Click on each image to view each video.)

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